Eco-Friendly Tactile Shells, Box of 36

Educational Colours


This Eco-Friendly edition of Tactile Shells includes 36 shells with 6 different tactile surfaces and 3 different sizes. Children can use three of their five senses (sight, sound and touch) to explore these shells and engage in sensory play. They also make great impressions in modelling dough.

Finally an eco-friendly way to play with shells! Not farmed from the sea and not made from plastic. These unique shells are made from agricultural waste! The stems and husks of the rice that are normally thrown away are turned into 100% Fibre Particulate Composite (FPC) and then moulded into shell shapes. They are safe for children and they are biodegradable so they are safe for the environment too.

Set includes 36 shells in a cardboard box and a cotton storage bag.

This is an ideal STEAM product that links mathematics and art. It will stimulate children's imagination and creative thinking skills. It is also a great sensory activity. Place the shells into their cotton bag and encourage children to use their hands to identify the shell tactility by feeling them. These shells provide a safe and multi-purpose tool for maths learning activities and help to teach early number concepts, such us sorting, matching, comparing, sequencing, patterning, and counting.

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