Gumnut Anatomy Timber Tile and Eco Cutter Set

Kinfolk Pantry


Learn all the parts of a Gumnut with this beautiful Timber Tile and matching Eco Cutter designed and made in Australia.

A fun, environmental discovery for the little botanist in your life. Watch as their environmental awareness, cognitive development, and literacy skills grow. Plant the seed and encourage their passion for the world outside.

The tile measures approximately 15cm by 10cm and is made of 3mm thick Radiata pine which has been sanded, printed and sealed. The cutter is 12cm long and is 3D printed with a mixture of recycled wood and plant-based biodegradable PLA.

Comes with a matching A5 card to colour in.

Set of 3 includes:

  • Timber tile with gumnut anatomy labels
  • Gumnut Eco Cutter
  • Matching colouring-in card
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