Kinfolk Pantry

Let's make play more natural. Kinfolk Pantry is committed to natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly craftsmanship.

    Eco Cutters are made in Australia using recycled wood mill sawdust, and a plant-based biodegradable plastic. They are made in small batches, so each cutter has its own unique charm and character.

    Kinfolk Pantry brings nature into creative moments. Dough playing is such an integral part of all children’s development, helping build their own creativity, sensory learning and motor-skills. These will be part of your child's imagination and memories.

    Use with play dough or cookie dough. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any remaining dough. To prolong the life of your biodegradable dough cutters avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or moisture. Store them in a cool, dry place when not in use and don't forget, they will wear faster than traditional plastics. Being eco-friendly, they will age as everything is supposed to, and leave little behind.