About Us

Welcome to Dough Tools™, an Australian company specialising in quality accessories for playdough and modelling clay. Dough Tools supplies educational resources to parents and pre-schools across Australia.

We have Australia's widest range of tools for using with playdough and clay. We have more than 300 product lines sourced from dozens of suppliers. We're always looking for interesting new tools and import from the UK and USA when we find something special. Many of our products can't be found elsewhere in Australia.

Suitable for use both at home and in the classroom. We welcome orders both small and large. Ask us how we can help your school, pre-school, playgroup, vacation care or Family Day Care.

Playdough tools are useful in craft and construction activities. They also help with sensory and fine motor development. Playing with dough or clay can be useful for improving literacy, numeracy, and other skills. We stock items related to these areas which aren't playdough tools too. Have a look at our sensory learning stones, for example. We also have a range of clay, science kits, and different modelling compounds like HappyMais and PlayFoam.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Dough Tools is located on the beautiful central coast of New South Wales in Australia. Our ABN is 89 939 809 086.

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Angela and daughter

About the founder

Dough Tools was created in 2012 by Angela Starling when she left Wikia to look after her one-year old daughter. Angela and her husband, Tim, now have three young daughters who love playing with playdough. Before moving to Australia, Angela worked as an educational researcher for the National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales.


Originally called Chalk Drop, we started as a monthly craft box subscription. Our focus on modelling materials came about when researching the educational benefits of playing with playdough. We kept on discovering more and more types of dough, clay and related products made from foam, cornstarch, and all sorts of materials. We now focus on bringing parents and preschools a wide range of playdough tools. In 2016, our name changed to Dough Tools.