Upper Case Alphabet Eco Stamp Set (with handle)

Kinfolk Pantry


A set of 26 Upper Case Alphabet Stamps with one handle.

Fill your home with hours of magic and marvel with the latest in this sustainable line of play and discovery toys.

The Kinfolk Pantry Eco Stamps are a first of their kind. Eco Stamps are created with one handle which can be slotted into each letter stamper. Less stuff, more fun and no waste! This unique design can help improve your child’s fine motor skills and coordination development thanks to the interchangeable slides.

Each stamp is made with love in Australia using a mixture of recycled wood mill sawdust and plant-based biodegradable plastic. As they are made in small batches, each stamp has its own unique charm and character.

100 Natural. 100% Eco-friendly. 100% Non-toxic. 100% Australian made and owned.

Handles are typically sold separately but we will include one with your set for free!

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