Sculpey Pluffy Moulds



Set of 4 moulds for Sculpey Pluffy. The perfect clay for children just got more fun with the addition of Pluffy moulds. Simply press your fluffy, squishy clay into one of these moulds and make your own animal or dinosaur.

Use again and again. Pluffy doesn't dry out and these moulds are reusable.

3 sets available. Choose from pets, dinosaurs, and zoo animals. Each set has 4 different moulds. 

  1. Dinosaur set: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Dimetrodon and Pterodactyl.
  2. Pets set: dog, cat, turtle and hamster.
  3. Zoo set: elephant, lion, panda and penguin. 

The image shows what can be created with these moulds. The actual moulds are clear plastic without colouring.

Buy Sculpey Pluffy to use with these moulds or use them with modelling dough or clay.