Ivory Soap, Pack of 10 Bars

Proctor and Gamble


Unlike any other soap, Ivory Soap contains tiny air bubbles, making it float in the bath and puff up in the microwave! The air makes the soap lightweight and easy to carve.

Our original Ivory Soap is a pure, mild soap made since 1879.

Ivory Soap can be used for cleaning yourself, your kids, your pets and your house as it is incredibly pure and mild. It is also very popular for crafts, modelling, science experiments, or for burnishing gemstones! It can be grated to create natural soap flakes. You can use these flakes for laundry or even for making a Danish soap finish on timber!

Pack of 10 bars. Each bar weighs 90 grams (3.1oz) and is approximately 7.5cm long.

Pure soap! Trusted for generations.

Since 2020, Dough Tools has donated more than 1500 bars of soap to help people in need in North America, where our soap is imported from.

Also available in 3-packs.

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