Ball Scoop

Dough Tools China


Discover a new way to play with dough with our ball scoop. The scooping motion works the wrist and fingers to improve fine motor skills. The tool features two different sized scoops. Scoop out lumps of modelling dough for sorting and counting or use them to decorate dough creations.

You can also use this scoop to transfer small items such as pom poms.

This is a lightweight tool with an easy-grip slim plastic handle in the middle making it comfortable to use. Approximately 18cm long. Made from stainless-steel and BPA-free plastic.

Dough not included.

This is a household item rather than a toy and should only be used for adult-supervised learning with children over 3 years. Alternatively, it can be used in the kitchen to create balls of melons and curls of butter.

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