About Blockwallah Stamps

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basket of stamps

Blockwallah is a Finnish-Indian family company that works directly with rural Indian artisans to produce hand crafted wooden printing blocks.

The art of block-printing goes back over a thousand years, practiced by traditional artisans across the country. Blockwallah stamps are hand carved by skilled artisans in rural India. The carving is done on sustainable hard wood, Sheesham wood, which is also known as Indian Rosewood.

Easy to use, to store, and to clean, these blocks promise a long printing life.

Blockwallah strongly believes in ethical work practices as well as dignity of labour. We feel that a business must benefit everybody involved as well as make a difference to the society we live in. Blockwallah empowers impoverished women in India by providing them with employment throughout the production process.

women carving stamps

Blockwallah stamps are entirely handmade, and no two blocks are exactly alike. There may be minor imperfections but these add to the charm of your authentic artisan carved wood block stamp and should not be considered as defective.

How do I use my Blockwallah Stamps?

When printing on fabric or paper, use a soft surface- for example putting a towel on a work table or using an ironing board. Apply paint on a sponge (kitchen sponges are great!) and tap the paint on the stamp. Print!

Which paint should I use?

It's best to use liquid paints with Blockwallah stamps. That way your print will be clear and rich. Fabric paint and acrylic paints generally work very well both on fabric and paper.

How do I clean my stamps?

After your block printing, wash the stamps with water and a brush. Dry them well with a soft towel and let them dry in an open place.

What else can I do with my Blockwallah Stamp?

You can use them with playdough, clay, body art and even for making soap!

stamp in girl's hand
Stamps are easy for children to work with. Shown here in a four year old's hand.

stamped into playdough
Stamps leave good impressions in playdough.

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