Rainbow Pebble Sets

Educational Colours


Rainbow Pebbles are now available in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect pack whether it's for home, holiday, or school.

Children will find all sorts of fun uses for these smooth plastic pebbles. Use for construction, pattern making, counting, sorting and creative design.

The pebbles have a durable non-slippery coating that makes them easy to stack.

There are 6 different sizes / shapes of pebble. Each set includes at least one of each size in a mixture of the 6 colours.

There are 4 sets to choose from.

  1. Travel: The set of 6 contains one pebble in each size. Each pebble is a different colour.
  2. Home: The set of 14 has a range of sizes and colours.
  3. Fun: Sets of 22 come with 1 free activity card.
  4. School: The set of 252 is ideal for the classroom. It comes with 47 double-sided activity cards and 3 spinners for inventing games.

Find ideas for using these in the Rainbow Pebbles Book.