Yellow Bubber Sand



Bubber is a special lightweight sand for children. No water is needed - it's already mouldable and is great for making imprints with sand moulds and tools. It doesn't dry out and can be easily moulded, shaped, and stamped.

Try out Bubber with our special sample-sized packs. We'll send a resealable tub of bright neon yellow Bubber. When compacted, it fits into a 5cm tall tub but get it out and fluff it up and it will fill a dinner plate. Contains approximately 30 grams of neon yellow Bubber.

Children can design their own sand art with this yellow sand which feels light and silky. The lightweight sand feels soft and fluffy, not wet or sticky. When you squeeze it together it sticks to itself so you can create models with it. It is soft enough to be mouldable by young children (age 3+).

Bubber doesn't dry out. It leaves no residues or stains. It is non-toxic and gluten-free. Made by the same company that makes Shape-It Sand.

Clearance: Now just $2.