Whipple Cupcakes



Whipple Craft'n Fun Crème Cupcake Kit. Decorate play cupcakes with Whipple cream! Whipple is an air-dry clay included with this set for decorating beautiful little cakes. It comes ready to use inside a pastry bag fitted with a decorator tip. Children will love to squeeze it out and get creative with cake decorating.

Set includes 6 ready-made toy cupcakes in different sizes, a bag of Whipple crème, and lots of decorative bits to stick on including more than 50 beads, rhinestones, and flowers. Also included are 6 keychains that you can use to attach your completed cupcakes to a backpack!

Not edible. Not suitable for children under 3. Recommended for age 7+.

We also sell Whipple Macarons.