Sculpey Pluffy



Sculpey Pluffy is the perfect clay for children. It's fluffy, squishy, light and so much fun.

Pluffy doesn't dry out. You don't need to worry about leaving it out. But if your children do create that masterpiece that they want to save forever simply bake their creation in your oven to harden it. One magical secret is that Pluffy floats in water after baking! Make your own toy boats or bath toys! Pluffy can also be painted after baking.

Make all sorts of things like play sets, jewellery and beads, miniatures and all types of room accessories.

This set contains eight bars of Pluffy which will provide many hours of fun for your kids to nourish their creativity. Reuse again and again for continued fun.

Available in 3 different colour options. Choose from primary, tropical, and pastel. Each set comes with a bonus clay tool.

  1. Primary Colours: Red, Blue, Green, Black, Brown, Yellow and White.
  2. Tropical Colours: Hot Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Aqua, Yellow, Dark Purple and White.
  3. Pastel Colours: Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Grey, Beige and White. Only 1 pastel set left!

We recommend Pluffy moulds for added fun.