Roominate Collection


$124.95 $159.80

Buy the entire Roominate Collection for only $124.95!

This collection includes the Chateau, the Studio, the Helicopter and the Architect Accessories Pack.

Together, these 4 sets contain more than 290 pieces.

Open-ended play for endless possibilities. Create all sorts of buildings, furniture, vehicles and accessories. The helicopter set includes instructions for creating a helicopter, aeroplane or submarine.

Make your creations come to life! Use the included motors, switches and light circuits to make spinning windmills, carousels, lamps, and lifts!

Roominate's unique blend of building, circuits, design, crafts, storytelling, and creativity teaches kids important STEM skills while they play.

Roominate teaches:

  • Hands-On Problem Solving
  • Spatial + Fine Motor Skills
  • Self-Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Basic Circuitry

You will need up to 8 AAA batteries, not included.

For a limited time only, you can get all 4 sets for only $124.95!