John Deere Farm Dough

Uncle Milton


Dig into John Deere Farm Dough and discover a hidden farm!

Exclusive John Deere tractor tyre container complete with your child's favourite farm animals and vegetables to play with in the mud-coloured modelling dough.

Plant some veggies, feed the rooster, and let the pig have some fun wallowing in the mud! Make fun tracks with the animals' feet. It's like playing on a farm any time you want! Fun and interactive and perfect for developing imaginative play and fine motor skills.

Everything is included in this self-contained play set. The container is shaped like a tyre from a famous John Deere tractor and contains 170 grams of farm dough, 2 animals, and 11 plastic vegetables so you can set up your own special farm scene. Fun to play with again and again. Easy to store and to travel with.

The dough included is brown. It comes in 3 separate packages in case you want to save some for later. On first opening, it will work best if an adult works the dough first. Knead it in your hands for a minute or two to soften it. Afterwards, store it in a zip-lock bag to keep it soft.

Contains small parts. Age 4+.

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