Invitation to Play Tray (Red)

Dough Tools USA


An Invitation to Play encourages open-ended play, discovery and self-directed learning.

These are sturdy and reusable, unlike disposable serving trays.

An appealing way to set up an Invitation to Play is to use a sectioned tray. Capture your child's curiosity every day with a new selection of items placed in the play tray.

Our round trays are divided into 4 outer compartments and a round centre compartment. One example of use for these divided plates would be to place modelling dough in the centre of the plate and items that can be pressed into dough in the outer sections. These could be on a theme or could be natural items such as twigs and leaves or items from your kitchen such as spices and dried beans. The trays can also be used for sorting, or for paint.

Invitations or provocations to play, explore and learn are popular within the Reggio approach to education and also for homeschoolers and preschoolers.

These trays can also be used as serving platters for appetisers, fruit and vegetables, or chips and dips at parties, picnics, dinner, or snacks.

30cm diameter. Suitable for the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Sold individually. Only 3 red ones left! Contents sold separately.

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