Hot Glue Gun Helpers Kit

Plaid Enterprises


Never burn your fingers again with the Hot Glue Gun Helpers Kit! If you own a hot glue gun, make sure you add this to your essential supplies list and avoid those awful glue burns. The gorgeous mat will also protect your work surface.

No more burns and no more mess.

Each Hot Glue Gun Helpers Kit contains:

  • 3 Heat-Proof Finger Caps
  • 1 large Craft Mat
  • 1 pair of Tweezers
  • 1 Paddle
  • 1 Press Wand

 1) The 3 Finger Caps cover your fingers while gluing. These are great with hot glue as you can easily press item down or hold them together without fear of burns. Includes two large and one medium cap.

2) The Silicon Craft Mat is a generously sized mat with room for your hot glue gun as well as your project supplies. At more than 37cm wide and 29cm high it's slightly smaller than A3 size. Cooled glue easily peels away from the mat. Easily clean up the stain-resistant mat with soap and water. The mat is not for cutting on and is not dishwasher safe. The mat is pink with a black silhouette of a hot glue gun.

3) The Tweezers have non-stick tips for precise placement of small items into glue.

4) Use the Soft Press Paddle to pick up small amounts of glue and press it softly onto your project. Great for delicate embellishments.

5) Use the Firm Press Wand to smear hot glue with the tip or firmly press down with the blunt end.

The mat and tools are non-stick and heat-resistant up to 315°c. They're also great when working with Mod Podge, acrylic paints, ink pads, and other sorts of glue.

This is a great quality set invented by expert crafters Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenz and manufactured by Plaid Enterprises, makers of Mod Podge®.

Not recommended for children to use.

Finger caps also available separately.