Galt Horrible Science Kits



Kids love the Horrible Science series. Get them involved with these mini science kits. You have the delightful choice between snot, brains, and slugs!

Slimy Slugs

Mould slimy slugs, make your own messy mucus and check out why slugs are slimy and other slimy facts. Contents: 2 pots of ready-made slime, slug mould, 6 wiggly eyes and 'Horrible Info' leaflet.

Bulging Brains

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Cast and paint your own brain, conduct brain experiments and discover horribly mind-boggling facts. Contents: brain mould, plaster of Paris, multi-purpose glue, acrylic paints, brush, wooden stick, card with brain surgery tolls and "horrible Info' leaflet.

Super Snot

Find out how to blow bogies from a fake nose, conduct some shockingly smelly tests and discover why mucky mucus works and how a sneeze can be pretty explosive.