Ezi-Dough Playdough Mix



Ezi-Dough is a children's playdough mix that makes it easy to make your own playdough in red, blue or yellow.

Special! $5 for 3.

Simply add oil and water and let the kids have fun stirring the mixture, watching the colour magically appear. Children enjoy the process of mixing their own dough before playing with it.

Ideal for home or for travelling. As Ezi-Dough doesn't need to be cooked, it's easy to use away from home. Resealable bag for easy storage.

You will receive three Ezi-Dough Sachets, each containing 245 grams of dough mix which makes 375 grams of playdough. No strong smells - just the lovely scent of homemade playdough. Please be aware that this can leave colouring on hands. It's non-toxic food colouring.

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