Dumpling Press

Dough Tools China


This unique dumpling press will inspire new creative play as your children use it to create their own modelling dough pies, pasta and Chinese-style dumplings.

Teach children about new cuisines as they use this dumpling maker to create modelling dough pierogies, gyoza, or empanadas!

Simply place a ball of modelling dough in the centre of the dumpling maker and clamp the two sides closed.

The mould leaves an impression of the Chinese character "fu", 福, meaning blessing, happiness, good fortune, and prosperity. It's commonly used to wish good luck at Chinese New Year.

The dumpling maker is approximately 7.5cm wide.

This is a household item rather than a toy and should only be used for adult-supervised learning with children over 3 years. Alternatively, it can be used in the kitchen to create real dumplings and more.

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