DohVinci Deluxe Styler Tool



DohVinci is an air-drying dough from the makers of Play-Doh. Use the 3D styling tool to make decorative artworks.

Not sticky or messy like other 3D tools!

Extrude the easy-flowing dough onto cardboard or other surfaces. Leave overnight for the creation to harden. Unlike regular Play-Doh, artworks created with DohVinci will keep their shape without cracking.

Each deluxe styling tool comes with 3 Deco Pops in green, pink and blue. Also included are four unique styling tips. These easily fit onto the styling tool to enable shapes such as hearts, stars, flowers, and butterflies to be extruded.

Age 6-12.


  • 1 Deluxe Styling Tool
  • 3 Deco Pops 
  • 4 Styling Tips
  • An inspiration booklet
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