Counting Bunnies Play-Doh Book



The very first Play-Doh book, Counting Bunnies, reinforces the first concepts of numbers. With a fun bunny theme and photos of adorable rabbits made of Play-Doh, children and adults will love sharing this book. Every page has lots of opportunities for counting.

Counting Bunnies was written by Michele Boyd and illustrated by Kara Kenna with wonderful scenes made out of Play-Doh!

Busy bunnies get kids counting in this lively romp from one to ten in this Play-Doh board book. First there's one bunny sitting all alone, then there are two bunnies chatting on the phone—and before you know it, there's a whole bunch of bunnies doing everything from putting on a magic show to throwing a pool party! By the time the day is done, ten tired bunnies are tucked into bed. But funny bunnies aren't the only things young readers can count in this bright and lively Play-Doh board book—a closer look at every page reveals lots more opportunities to reinforce learning the featured number.

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