Whipple Macarons



Whipple Craft'n Fun Crème Macaron Kit. Whipple is an air-drying clay that looks like frosting! It's not edible but does make realistic looking sweet treats. Children will love pretending to be pasty and desert designers as they create their own original macaron designs.

Set includes:

  • 4 ready-made toy macaron shells.
  • 4 key chains for turning creations into keyrings that you hang on a bag or belt.
  • Decorations including 3 rhinestones, 6 pearls and 5 red beads.
  • 1 Whipple pastry bag filled with the creme clay.
  • Pastry bag accessories including a decorator tip.
  • Simple instructions are included so kids can learn how to make swirls.

Recommended for age 7+. Not suitable for children under 3.

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