CAT Construct Dough Excavator

Toy State


Experience a new way to build your construction site with CAT Construct Dough™ Deluxe!

This large deluxe set features a realistic model of a vehicle from Caterpillar, the leading manufacturer of construction equipment. The excavator functions as an extruder to transform dough into construction shapes such as I-beams, pipes and angle bars.

Create your own roads with the sparkly grey cement-like dough and drive the vehicle through it to leave track-marks. The dough is stored inside an orange construction barrel. Use the can to stamp out different road signs into the dough.

The digger can also be used without the dough, extending the play opportunities.

Includes a large yellow and black excavator vehicle, Construct Dough, and 4 double-sided road sign stamp discs. No batteries required.

Clearance: Last one!